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Online escape room

Artificial intelligence lock down

The flagship of our online teambuildings. The goal of the game is to save your company's data from the failure of the central artificial intelligence.

  • Players form teams of four, divide roles and go through individual departments of the company, where they perform interesting tasks in order to obtain access cards to the server room.
  • It is played in teams, but the same game, so at the end it is possible to compare the results and points gained.

Online zábava

Race yo stars

The teams are the crews of various spaceships headed for humanity's new home: Proxima Centauri. They need to keep their ship flying and get to Proxima.

  • Every ship faces several challenges on its way. Each team must work together to make decisions to solve these problems.. The game takes place in a futuristic, sci-fi environment.í
  • It is played in teams, but the same game, so at the end it is possible to compare the results and points gained.

It is simple:

Your timeslot

Choose your game, choose your date. If you don't know how to deal with anything, we will gladly advise / help / explain everything necessary in detail. We will prepare a corresponding price offer for you. We will explain the branding/personalization options for the event.


Before the start of the event, the game master will send the participants/contact person basic information about the game + an invitation to join the game and/or the video conference. If it is appropriate, we will also perform a technical test of the connection from your environment.


At the agreed time, the players join and complete their experience according to the game scenario and the game master's instructions. All they need to play is a PC, an internet connection and a video conferencing tool (MS Teams, Zoom, ...). The whole game is coordinated by our game master.

An experience

The game usually ends with a short debriefing, where the results are evaluated,/ compared (if played in teams), and the game ends. The team building/celebration/party itself can continue. The players have a great time and take away an unusual experience

Individual details depend on the specific game chosen, but mostly:

  • 4 to unlimited players can participate in the games (whether the players will be divided into teams and how depends on the specific game).
  • The standard games themselves last about 1 hour.
  • Event can be arranged for any hour (of course, if the date is free).
  • We will be happy to help you with the selection and preparation.

What makes us special

  • The games are designed so that every player is really involved in the game (each player has a specific role).
  • It is possible to choose a more relaxed  option, or to support the competitiveness of teams.
  • Game durations can be adjusted.
  • Possibility of branding the environment (your logo, message …).
  • The possibility of moderating the game in English or in Czech (by agreement also in another language).
  • We’ll take care of everything, just join and have fun. Our game master will reliably guide you through the entire event.
  • Proven games with excellent references.

Online escape room
Online escape room

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